Montréal Sightseeing

Explore Sightseeing in Montréal


One way to fill all the gaps in your travel itinerary is to spend a day sightseeing—think of it as a Montréal sampler platter. First visit Mount Royal Park, the pride and joy of Montréal’s city parks, as well as the mountain for which the city was named. The park offers spectacular views of the mountain, as well as many outdoor activities. Another priority for visitors are the cobblestone roads of Old Montréal, where you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride or take in stunning views of the Old Port. The Biosphere, the largest building of its kind in the world, is a sight not to be missed. It is one of the few remaining structures from Expo ’67. If you have time, stop inside to check out its water and environment museum.

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