Beijing Art and Museums

Explore Art and Museums in Beijing


Beijing is a first-class destination for those wishing to spend their vacation combing museums and taking in unparalleled works of art. The National Museum of China is four stories and has two wings. The South Wing contains the Museum of Chinese History while the North Wing houses the Museum of Chinese Revolution. The Museum of Chinese History spans three main periods of time from Chinese history: primitive society, slavery society and feudal society. The Museum of Chinese Revolution focuses on the history of the past 150 years, with particular emphasis on the Communist Party of China. The National Art Museum of China displays, collects and researches the work of modern Chinese artists. With over 60,000 works of art and 13 exhibition halls, this museum has something for everyone to enjoy. The China Science and Technology Museum, the Beijing Aviation Museum, the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao and Beijing World Art Museum are just a few of many museums worth visiting.

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