Paris Amusement Parks

Explore Amusement Parks in Paris


Even though the amount of culture and history in Paris is enough to fill your itinerary, if you’re traveling with children you’ll want to give them a break from the constant pursuit of art galleries and museums. Visit one of Paris’s amusement parks for a day of family fun and excitement. First off, there is always Disneyland Resort Paris—who doesn’t want to see a Parisian Mickey Mouse?

For a more unique experience, visit Parc Asterix, which is a theme park based on the short stories of Asterix by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny. It’s known for its variety of roller coasters and has begun incorporating themes from historic cultures such as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Near Paris is the Mer de Sable, a Wild West theme park. The kids will enjoy the roller coasters, and you might even enjoy the reenactments from old spaghetti western films. 

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