Tokyo City Vacations

Explore Urban Endeavors in Tokyo


Tokyo is a vast metropolis that extends more than 770 square miles. It’s comprised of 23 municipalities called special wards that as a whole make up the most populous part of Tokyo. To the west of these wards lies Western Tokyo, a collection of 26 cities. Once you get the hang of Tokyo’s expansive (and sometime confusing) geography, a day of sightseeing will see like a less daunting prospect.

Visit Akihabara, home of Otaku, or “geek” culture. This is the spot to stock up on video games, computer gadgets, manga videos and any sort of toy you can imagine. Odaiba is an ongoing oceanfront development and artificial island. There are several shopping malls and museums in this area, as well as a giant Ferris wheel and a replica of the Statue of Liberty. The rowdy nightlife and club scene can be found in Roppongi. Make sure you explore all of Tokyo’s diverse areas because each has its own personality and attractions.

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