Grand Canyon National Park Rafting Trips

Explore Rafting in Grand Canyon National Park


Whether you’re looking for smooth sailing or some rip-roaring rapids, Grand Canyon National Park is an excellent place for your rafting adventure. Families with children age 4 and up can enjoy a daylong float trip down the calm waters of the Colorado River. Ride on a motorized pontoon 15 scenic miles from the South Rim to Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell.

A variety of commercial whitewater tours operate in the Grand Canyon. Trips offered by the outfitters offer adventures ranging from three-days to several weeks. Camping equipment, food and other essentials are provided by the tour group, as well as an experienced guide to insure the safety of all rafters. Whitewater tours give visitors an opportunity to see the canyon for a different perspective and to experience the park’s world-class rapids.

Popular places for Rafting in Grand Canyon National Park

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